Review: Little Growling Cafe (Tarneit)

Little Growling Cafe in Tarneit Melbourne Australia

Little Growling Cafe is a nice unpretentious cafe with a modern if typically generic kind of feeling cafe. It's kind of standard in the suburbs but depeding on what seat you manage to snab you can get a nice view of the parklands.

Little Growling Cafe

Little Growling Cafe serves up a fairly standard modern western contemporary style menu. It has the usual brunch lunch selection such as a selection of burgers, toasted sandwiches, pancakes, big breakfast, milkshakes. To their credit Little Growling Cafe has a special if small kids menu.

Little Growling Cafe

Little Growling Cafe is getting busier and busier all the time. They do have the benefit of being the only cafe around but it's not only this. Little Growling Cafe has kept the pricing competitive and the dishes are all very well presented. You do feel like you are getting a nice cafe experience here.

Little Growling Cafe

Little Growling Cafe isn't in any way what I call hipster. That's par the course in the 'burbs and not a complaint in any way. The cafe has a semi rustic styling if you manage not to be in the main cafe area and there is outdoor seating too if the weather permits.

Little Growling Cafe

What sets Little Growling Cafe apart from lots of cafes is the extensive playground for the kids. This is really a standout with a giant slide, climbing ropes, swings and more! I know lots of families come here and take advantage of the play area for the kids.

Little Growling Cafe

Little Growling Cafe is almost certainly a cafe for the locals. As is typical in the outer suburbs there isn't much in the way of choice and selection. However for those with an open mind this is quite a good cafe to come to if you have children, are visiting friends nearby or want to view the developing and expanding housing estates.

Little Growling Cafe

In a nutshell

Little Growling Cafe may not appear to be the most trendy cafe going around. However the food is very well presented and looks special on the plate, the food tastes great, it's popular so there is a bit of a vibe (at least in the weekends) and it has a super duper playground for the kids. While really for locals if you live close enough, are looking for somewhere new to eat and have children this may be worth a look.

Little Growling Cafe


Little Growling Cafe is located at 180 Davis Rd, Tarneit. This is a 15 minute drive from Werribee.

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