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Chinese New year is such a big thing and gets even bigger with each passing year.  It's great that there are festivals celebrating the Chinese New Year out in the West so people don't have to go to the city if they do not want to.


As always, it's best to plan ahead.  If fireworks are your thing then it's best to come out in the evening.  If you want to see the dragon dance then check out the timings so you can maximise your time.


As per most festivals, the Point Cook Lunar New Year festival has plenty of food stalls, some information and marketing stalls from local businesses and rides and activities for the children.  Plan ahead as the rides do cost some money.  There is also plenty of free entertainment such as the fore mentioned Chinese Dragon Dance, Chinese dancing, songs and other cultural performances as well as other live performances representing other cultures.  In fact it's kind of a multi-cultural festival at the same time.


The festival keeps things moving spritely which may or may not be your thing.  For example, some singers do sets of 2-3 songs.  Great if you are not interested but disappointing if you are getting into it.  There's no right or wrong here.  It's just an obvious observation as it's a bit different from other festivals.


What I will say is that it didn't seem overly populated during the day time although that may have changed in the evening.  I'll never know as I was only the during the day.  If you don't like large crowds then that's great but I did miss the atmosphere of a bigger crowd.  


According to organisers the current Coronavirus did put off a few performers.  It may have put off attendees as well but I'm only guessing.  Anyway, if you do like a bit more atmosphere I'd suggest going to the Footscray Lunar New Year Festival instead.  It's just  a lot busier.  I'm not knocking the Point Cook festival, it's just a reality.


Anyway, all up I quite enjoyed it.  There's plenty of food to choose from, the crowds aren't over whelming, the performances move on quickly and there is plenty of variety of performances and all the car traffic is blocked off.  They also have a fireworks show that is always great for the children.


You can check out a few more photo's from the festival, here.
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