Okay, I'll be honest.  The suburbs wherever they may be is never usually a haven for the arts and art lovers.  You really have to search it out and make an effort. 

On the plus side, the arts are closer than you think and a benefit of being outback (so to speak) is that it's less expensive to see.  We of course do want our performers to succeed and make a living from their efforts.

Show at Wit Incorporated (Footscray)
I enjoy live theatre particularly but others of course may prefer dance, comedy, music and other forms of live performance arts. This website though will inevitably favour live theatre as that is what I'm more likely to see.

Anyway, this website is also trying to promote the arts so if you didn't know it or never really think about it, here are some live theatre venues spread throughout the west:
'New' art show at Wyndham Art Gallery (Werribee)

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