Mt Noorat

Mt Noorat Bushwalking

Mount Noorat is just less than one hour away from Port Fairy or 75km in distance.   Mount Noorat is basically a small side trip on your way back home from Port Fairy back to Melbourne or maybe a quick stop on the way to Port Fairy.

Mount Noorat
Mount Noorat crater
The Mount Noorat walk is only 1km so is perfect for a short family walk or to stretch the legs.  It does get a bit blustery near the top if it's a windy day so be prepared and wear a jacket if necessary.

Mount Noorat climb
The beginning
Mount Noorat is one of the best preserved volcanoes in Victoria.  At the top you get nice views although I wouldn't say amazing.  It's not that high after all and is surrounded by farm land rather than native bush.  Still, if you are an infrequent visitor to Port Fairy I think it is worth your while for the completist traveller.

Made it to the top
The great thing about Mount Noorat is that it is such an easy walk.  It does have a climb but the walk is so short that it is not an obstacle.  You do get the reward of a view from the top!

If you are into geology Mount Noorat is worth a visit especially as it is so accessible and perfectly shaped for a volcano.  It's just like the ones we studied in school!

There's a tiny bit of bush on the way up the hill at the beginning of the walk but essentially you are walking up a grass covered hill/mountain for most of the walk.  It definitely isn't a wilderness area.

On the way up
Getting There
Refer to Google Map for an idea where Mount Noorat is and the distance away from Port Fairy.  It's 57 minutes from Port Fairy (75km's).

Information from external websites
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