Turpin Falls

Turpin falls isn't one of the most well known waterfalls in Victoria.  Most of the well known ones happen to be near the Great Ocean Road.  No surprises there.  However, as always, I like to get off the beaten track and find new things if I can.

Turpin Falls after a bit of rain
I've never been to Turpin falls when the weather has been calm but from pictures online it looks quite picturesque.  Apparently it has a nice swimming hole but as always take precautions and follow any warning signs if you are unsure.

Turpin Falls in a bit of a wild state. I like it.
When I was at Turpin Falls it was after some extreme rainfall.  It makes for some wild photographs and guarantees it will actually resemble a waterfall.  if you live in Victoria you know what I mean about empty waterfalls.
Getting out and about at Turpin Falls
Anyway, I like braving the elements and time out of the city is always nice.

Getting there
Turpins Falls, Shillidays Road, Langley VIC, Australia takes up to 1:45 drive from Melbourne CBD.  Shorter if you take toll roads.

To get an idea of where Turpin Falls is relative to Melbourne refer to Google Maps here.

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