Review: Atomic Bar & Restaurant (Williamstown)

Atomic Bar & Restaurant in Williamstown Melbourne Australia

Atomic Bar & Restaurant is a long standing bar and restaurant in Williamstown. It's been around quite a long time and survived the fickle public and times to still be around today. No small feat in the hospitality industry so all credit to them.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

I have to admit it is quite hard to review Atomic Bar & Restaurant. There are pluses and minuses so it's difficult to come to an ultimate conclusion.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

A definite plus of Atomic Bar & Restaurant is its value proposition. For the quality, amount and selection of food the price is very good and you definitely cannot complain. If you live locally, want a great value dinner and want to go out semi regularly then Atomic Bar & Restaurant definitely fulfils this niche.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

Atomic Bar & Restaurant isn't what I call hipster. It is pleasant enough with semi modern contemporary feel without ever approaching cool and it's brownish tones that may or may not appeal.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

The food at Atomic Bar & Restaurant is contemporary with a good mix of everything. Pub classics like fish n chips, salt and pepper calamari, a mix of Asian dishes, lamb shanks, a variety of salads, a selection of pasta dishes including pumpkin risotto, chicken and mushroom risotto, spaghetti carbonara, a multitude of parma's and more!

As to food quality everything kind of looks good and generally tastes pretty good as well. It just lacks a bit of panache or style to make you think, wow, this is amazing.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

While Atomic Bar & Restaurant is a definitely good value I find that it just doesn't make you feel special. Part of the dining experience is just kind of lacking. I guess you could say it feels a bit utilitarian. Despite this we have frequented Atomic Bar & Restaurant multiple times as we are kind of value shoppers and diners. However if this isn't you you might feel a bit let down.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant

Atomic Bar & Restaurant has week day specials so for the very local this is a great way to dine out on the cheap.

In a nutshell

Atomic Bar & Restaurant is a contemporary modern bar and restaurant covering all your pub classics. It has a wide variety of food on offer in generally pretty great surroundings. It offers great value for money for the value conscious diner. However if you want to feel somewhat special it probably needs to offer something more. Depending on your preference Atomic Bar & Restaurant could range from great to average.

Atomic Bar & Restaurant


Atomic Bar & Restaurant is located at 183-185 Nelson Place in Williamstown. This is easy to find on the main dining street in the Gem Pier waterfront area of Williamstown.

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Atomic Bar & Restaurant


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