Centenary Track

Centenary Track is probably the most challenging walk in Werribee Gorge State Park even though it is not the longest.  

I say that it is probably the most challenging walk due to the climb to the Island Lookout.  It is quite steep and also due to erosion there is a deep whole in the middle of the track most of the way up to the top.

The Centenary Track is the purple/mauve walk and is the topmost rack on the map above.  If you've never been, The Island is the big green hill you pass on the drive into the park.

Of the walks in the park I believe this is probably the 2nd equal most scenic with the Falcon's Lookout walk.  The Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk is easily the most scenic.

There are a few nice spots to stop on the way up towards The Island Lookout.

I have to admit, the reward for walking all  the way up to The Island Lookout is a bit underwhelming.  The view just isn't that great.  It's still quite nice to walk around the edge of the Island but you don't get the big payoff you are hoping as you climb up to the summit.

Anyway, here is the view from the Island Lookout.

View from The Island Lookout
So all up I quite like the Centenary Track walk.  It is quite challenging and their are a few scenic spots along the way.  The view from The Island Lookout is a bit underwhelming and the Island itself is a nice deep green colour in spring if there has been a bit of rain.  If you are a completist like me you also have to do the walk.

A bit of weed control might come in handy


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