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Tick Tok Cafe review in Williamstown Melbourne Australia

Tick Tok is a nice unpretentious cafe with nice character and its own semi-old-school charm.

Tick Tok Cafe

Tick Tok Cafe appears to be a family run business and I liked this aspect of Tick Tok. It was nice seeing the kids helping out behind the counter. It was also great chatting to the owners and the immaculate placement of all the cakes.

Tick Tok Cafe

Tick Tok Cafe is busy and I always find this a good sign in the suburbs as repeat business always bodes well for the more casual diner. Of course being busy also adds to the cafes positive vibe, also a plus if you've nabbed yourself a seat. Tick Tok is a pretty small and narrow cafe so getting a table may be a challenge but still worth the wait.

Tick Tok Cafe

Tick Tok isn't what I call hipster but you can tell they have made an effort to give the place some character. There is a definite charm to Tick Tok.

Tick Tok Cafe

The food at Tick Tok is contemporary modern so you don't get any really surprises selection wise. Howver we can definitely vouch for the food tasting great as well as their attention to detail in the presentation. The food really does stand out on the plate and is ro be commended as it definitely adds to the dining experience.

Tik Tok Cafe

You can definitely say that Tick Tok is a cosy cafe. It does extend out the back but overall doesn't have that many seats. The narrowness does add it Tick Toks charm but it can definitely be a bit of a squeeze walking in and out if they are particularly busy. I'd still rather be in a busy cafe any day of the week though. It's all part of the dining experience although if you have a big group or kids Tick Tok may be a bit of a challenge.

Tik Tok Cafe

In a nutshell

Tick Tok may not appear to be the most trendy cafe going around. However a charming environment, a busy atmosphere giving the place a positive vibe, a family atmosphere and great food quality and customer service make Tick Tok an easy cafe to recommend.

Tick Tock Cafe


Tick Tok Cafe is located at 181 Nelson Place in Williamstown. This is easy to find on the main dining street in the Gem Pier waterfront area of Williamstown.

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Tick Tok Cafe