Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

Melbourne's iconic Market, Queen Victoria Market has been operating since 1878. The Queen Victoria Market is a must see at least once for visitor to Melbourne. The weekend being the best time to visit for the increased vibrancy, the greater abundance of fresh produce, cured meats, cheeses and more and with all the shops open that isn't always the case during the week.

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market is kind of a market two halves. The premiere half I would suggest is the fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, artisan cheeses, wines, baked goods, cured meats and the like that that is exceptional in its freshness, quality and quantity. This premiere half of Queen Victoria Market is unrivalled in Melbourne and really this is where the market shines.

Queen Victoria Market dual personality is the other half of the market where you can purchase toys, clothes, souvenirs, tshirts, wallets, jackets, belts, books, pillow cases, scarves, jewellery and lots more. This other side of Queen Victoria Market has variable quality and selection ranging from cheap and tacky through to high quality and artisan.

Personally this other side of Queen Victoria Market isn't my favourite part of the market although it has shown positive evolution in recent years. There is now less of the rubbish and tacky goods and a nice selection of places to eat. The decor is also much improved quite a lot from a few years ago.

The cheap rubbishy stuff though is perfect for the tourist or backpacker looking for some inexpensive souvenirs to pass along to friends and family. Not everything has a downside!


The Queen Victoria Market is open both during the week and the weekend but not every day. Don't be caught out if visiting during the week so pay attention to the following:


Queen Victoria Market is located on the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets, Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

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