Big Rock You Yangs

Big Rock Walk You Yangs Regional Park

The scale of Big Rock is suitably impressive and quite iconic. With great panoramic views different enough to those from Flinders Peak to be distinctive and requiring little physical effort Big Rock should be included in any once off visit to You Yangs Regional Park. Situated just a short drive from both Geelong and Melbourne, it's a perfect escape from the urban hustle and a testament to the raw, natural allure of Victoria.

Flinders Peak
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. East West Walk.

Panoramic Views

While not as high as Flinders Peak, Big Rock still offers panoramic views of the park and the plains beyond. The perspective from the rock is truly expansive, giving one a sense of the vastness of the Australian landscape. The view from Big Rock is different enough from that of Flinders Peak to make it worth a side diversion here even for a day tripper.

Big Rock You Yangs
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. It's big!

Big Rock is suitably if unimaginitively named. While it is definitely large it is kind of flat and doesn't have a steep cliff type edge that would make for more drama. However for sheer size Big Rock is quite impressive.

Big Rock You Yangs
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond.


The walk is relatively short and not too strenuous, making it suitable for families and walkers of all ages. Big Rock is easily accessible as you can just walk mere metres to it from the Big Rock car park. This makes it suitable for people who don't want to exert themselves and just take a photo or selfie.

Big Rock You Yangs
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. Walk beginning.

Short Duration

For avid hikers looking for a long trek, the Big Rock Walk might seem brief. However, its accessibility is part of its charm for many.

Flinders Peak walk beginning
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond.

Longer Walk

However it is quite easy to incorporate Big Rock into a much longer walk for those looking for a proper hike. This is what we suggest. To do this our recommended walking path is as follows:

  1. Drive to Turntable car park
  2. From the car park choose the track on Rockwell Road and keep walking until you reach a sign directing you to take a left to Big Rock.
  3. Take this track to Big Rock, take a few photos then return back to this intersection.
  4. From this intersection take a left heading towards 'The Saddle' that is 1.7km away.
  5. Once reaching 'The Saddle' you reach an intersection where you can join the East-West walk to your right, head straight ahead alog Saddleback Track to the Geoglyph or turn left onto the Northern Range Walking Track taking a more long-winded path to the Geoglyph.
  6. We suggest turning right to take the East-West walk. Here you have two options, turn left to take the East Walk that will offer you a top-down view of the Geoglpyh before you reach the Turntable car park or go right and take the West Walk (again to the Turntable carpark) but with the option to take a diversion to Flinders Peak. The choice is up to you.

Source: Parks Victoria

Right at the beginning of the walk and just before Big Rock proper there is a metallic sculpture of a type of canoe. This adds a tiny bit of interest to this short walk.

Flinders Peak walk beginning
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. Canoe sculpture.

Can Get Busy

Given its ease and the allure of the Big Rock, the trail can get crowded, especially on weekends. If seeking solitude, it's best to visit early in the morning or on weekdays.

However, one benefit of Big Rock and the Big Rock car park is that it way less popular than the Turntable car park. If the Turntable car park is full don't be tempted to give up. Just utilise Big Rock as an alternative starting point to your walks.

Flinders Peak walk beginning
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. Atop the rock.


The proximity of the You Yangs Regional Park to the major cities of Melbourne and Geelong makes it a perfect day-trip destination. The You Yangs Regional Park is especially close to Geelong and the outer western suburbs making it a very close destination at approximately 20-30 minutes drive away if you live in these locations.

You Yangs
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. From the Rock.

Limited Shade

Big Rock is totally exposed to direct sunlight, so it's crucial to prepare by wearing a hat, sunscreen, and carrying sufficient water, especially during warmer months. However due to the short duration of the walk even on hot days you can complete the walk relatively easily.

You Yangs looking from the top viewing platform
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. From the top viewing platform.


The Flinders Peak walk is located at Big Rock Rd, Little River VIC 3211, Australia or 51 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD.

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. You Yangs Regional Park.

If living in Werribee then You Yangs Regional Park is only 30 minutes drive away.


The You Yangs Regional Park is open 7AM - 8PM daily, including weekends and public holidays.

In A Nutshell

The Big Rock Walk in the You Yangs is a delightful blend of nature, culture, and geography. While it might not be the most challenging of trails, it offers a deeply satisfying experience, especially for those looking to have a quick immersion in the Australian bushland. With its accessibility and the majestic Big Rock as its centerpiece, it's no wonder this trail remains a favorite among many visitors to the You Yangs Regional Park.

If you don't live locally or are an infrequent visitor to this part of Victoria we strongly suggest you combine Big Rock with our suggested longer walk we outlined earlier in this webpage.


Source: Parks Victoria

Other Information

For more information you can download the Vic Parks You Yangs Regional Park Guide from here.

Disclaimer: Use at your own discretion. The information may be out of date.


  • Wear sturdy footwear suitable for hiking, as some parts of the track can be uneven.
  • Carry water, especially during warmer months, and be prepared with sun protection as sections of the walk are exposed.
  • Early mornings or late afternoons are great times to avoid the heat and potentially have fewer crowds.

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Flinders Peak viewing platform
Image: West Melbourne and Beyond. The View from Flinders Peak.

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