Kensington Market

Kensington Market Melbourne

The Kensington Market is a great market only 6.3km from Melbourne's Flinders Street Station. Kensington Market is predominantly a craft and art market so don't expect fresh produce.

Kensington Market is mainly an indoor market so it's a great market to come to during the winter months and Kensington Town Hall is such a pretty venue. This is definitely one of the prettier markets in Melbourne with high ceilings and nice bright natural sunlight streaming into the building.

Kensington Market is home to lots of craft and arts products ranging from earrings, jewellery, blankets, giftcards, clothes, fresh coffee and baked goods, gin, ceramics, candles, quilts, soft toys and more.


The market opens every third Sunday of the month.


The Kensington Market is just across the road from Newmarket Train Station at Kensington Town Hall on Bellair Street. The market is housed within Kensington Town Hall, 30-34 Bellair St, Kensington 3031.

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