Falcon's Lookout

Falcon's Lookout in Werribee Gorge bushwalking
Falcon's Lookout is what I regard as the 2nd best walk in Werribee Gorge State Park after the Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk.  At only 3km or 2 hours return it is very accessible for pretty much everybody.

The track is accessed from the Ironbark Trailhead and is off Ironbark Road.  It's pretty easy to find.  The Falcon's Lookout walk is at bottom left of the image below.

The walk isn't overly taxing.  There is a general upwards incline but it isn't particularly steep. I believe virtually any bush walker can easily do this walk.  However, if in doubt do a Google search beforehand and make your own assessment.

The highlight of this walk is obviously Falcon's Lookout itself.  You will see rock climbers scaling the cliff face and a nice view looking across Werribee Gorge.

View from Falcon's Lookout
Here is another view from Falcon's Lookout but looking more westwards.  Pretty spectacular for a Melbourne walk.

Another view from Falcon's Lookout
As the Falcon's Lookout is so short I encourage you to also walk to Ingliston Granites, basically boulders for want of another word.  If you go in spring time enjoy the spring flowers on your walk as well.

On the way to Ingliston Granites
I have completed this walk a few times as it's so close to Melbourne, not too difficult and I enjoy the payoff of the view from Falcon's Lookout.  It's got even easier to go to as the road is sealed all the way now.

Getting There