Review: Wyndham Multicultural Festival 2022

The Wyndham Multicultural Festival was held on Sunday 29 May 2022 in Point Cook and is definitely one of the best community events or festivals I have been to. Running from 12PM through to 8:30PM at night it provided all day entertainment for lots of happy locals.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival

It was great to see lots of people out and about celebrating the event and enjoying the entertainment, stalls and the fantastic autumn weather. Apparently the festival was to celebrate 2022 lunar new year which is great albeit several months late. I understand a possible delay due to covid-19 issues earlier this year but the tie-in does seem a bit odd when the festival is happening in late May.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival entertainment

For the people and kids not so into the cultural entertainment there was plenty of activities to keep them entertained.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival food stall

It was great to have a wide variety of food to choose from and of course is one of the main reasons to go along to the Wyndham Multicultural Festival.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival clothes

Of course people always enjoy wandering past the shops. I can't say I am a big shopper and really it wasn't about the shops from what I could tell but it's still nice to peruse them as you walk by.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival food truck

But what really set the Wyndham Multicultural Festival apart from most other festivals was it's organisation and entertainment. There was no let up in the entertainment. Each act was interesting, covered different age groups, was short and sharp, quickly moved from one artist to the next, there was a great variety and there were no technical issues. All od this meant there was no time to get bored. this is a real credit to the organisers. Definitely a job well done.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival performer

About the only criticism would be the multicultural aspect of the Wyndham Multicultural Festival. it was predominantly Chinese which I definitely enjoyed but perhaps expanding on a few more cultures would have done the name 'Multicultural' greater justice. Only a small note on the Wyndham Multicultural Festival as overall this is definitely one of the most enjoyable festivals I have been to.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival lady

I noticed the children really enjoyed the live dance performers by other children while the older adults enjoyed the singing from the older performers. There was something for everyone and that is what made this festival special.

Wyndham Multicultural Festival dancers

The organisers have a lot to live up to now!

Wyndham Multicultural Festival gymnasts

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