Review: Weeping Willows (Maldon, 27 March 2022)

Weeping Willows review at Maldon, Victoria, 27 March 2022

It was great to head out to Maldon last Sunday to catch the Weeping Willows. It was a great sunny autumn day and Maldon is one of the most picturesque towns in all of Victoria. It's a must see if you've never visited. I've been to the Maldon folk festival and it was one of the nicest events I've been to despite not being a huge folk music fan. I am a fan of live music though.

The Weeping Willows
The Weeping Willows put on a great show. They have great chemistry on stage, talk to the crowd and seemed so happy. I particularly enjoy that they perform lots of their own music and manage to steer away from being a covers band. I love the folk classics but I prefer hearing originals. The Weeping Willows highlighted songs from their new album in the first half of their set and I really enjoyed them.

The Weeping Willows 2

Support the Weeping Willows and live music as it is such a treasure.

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