Review - Macedonian Cultural Festival, Williamstown (24 November 2019)

Well, I am happy to report that the Macedonian Cultural Festival in Williamstown is a great event.

The sun was out, there was a great turn-out by both young and old, fantastic Macedonian cultural entertainment, lots of food and a wonderful atmosphere.
A plentiful and well behaved crowd
It really is a wonderful family friendly event and if Williamstown turns on the weather like today you must check it out next year.

Traditional Macedonian singing
I like that this festival is a cultural one and that there is more than just Macedonian food on offer.

Moving into the crowd and getting punters to participate as well
What's also great is that the Macedonian community seem to really support this event and well as Australians of all cultures so it really is a nice multicultural atmosphere with plenty of people milling about.  And people do help create atmosphere!

Traditional Macedonian dancing
Of course, with the festival being in Williamstown and the weather being amazingly great you also get to enjoy the local restaurants, ice cream and gelateria's, the waterfront and views towards the city.

Enjoying the festival, the weather and the Williamstown waterfront.  View looking back to the festival
I really am happy to report that this festival should be added to your list of things to do next year.


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