District Makers Market Docklands

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

The District Makers Market is in the iconic Docklands waterfront area or depending on your point of view white elephant area. The District Makers Market is definitely worth a visit if it co-incides with a holiday trip to Melbourne. For Melbournians its probably better as an infrequent visit to see whats going on in the Docklands area or a semi-frequent trip if you live in a neighbouring suburb.

District Makers Market Docklands

The District Makers Market primary selling point is its location. Any place with the waterfront nearby has got to be good, right? Well The Docklands often seems like a semi deserted area. While the waterfront is nice it can also be bitterly cold due to Melbournes notorious weather. Unfortunately, the Docklands is just far enough away from Melbournes city centre that most people cannot be bothered visiting. This means a decided lack of atmosphere due to the sparcity of people. It's not the markets fault but it is a reality.


The District Makers Market is open the last Sunday of every month from 11AM to 4PM.


The District Makers Market is located in the District Docklands, 440 Docklands Drive VIC 3008.

The District Makers Market

Official website: The District Makers Market