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Pineapple Cake

It lives up to your expectations which is saying something.
This is the first time I have been to the Malmsbury Village Fayre.  Malmsbury certainly isn't on the front line of places to visit for most people.  However, if you are in anyway interested in folk music you may have heard of Malmsbury as this part of Victoria really supports folk music in a big way.

According to the 2016 Census, Malmsbury has a population of 831.  You could be thinking how can  a place of 831 possibly hold a festival.  Good question.  Anyway, I am happy to report that the Malmsbury Village Fayre is definitely one of the best festivals going around.

I put this down to community spirit.  It is so well supported, amazingly organised and it would seem the entire community gets behind it.  

This year the Victorian weather was perfectly obliging which made it perfect for everybody.  Not to hot but warm enough to picnic, square dance and enjoy all the entertainment.  This is a real family friendly event.  What I noticed was a seeming joy at the festival.  Not something you notice everywhere.

There is lots of entertainment for the kids, stalls and shops, plenty of food establishments, picnic areas, live music (predominantly folk music and a bit of Cuban).  It just is so relaxing.  Is it about being in the country? Maybe.

The community feel is really shown by how the rubbish is managed.  No paper plates and plastic.  Food is plated up on regular plates and washed by hand.  Seeing volunteers going around collecting plates demonstrates how society is improving for the better.  How's is that for eco credentials and community spirit!

If you love folk music then the Malmsbury Village Fayre should definitely be added to your list of weekend activities throughout the year.  It's not a folk festival though so keep your expectations in check.

This is one of the best festivals I have been to.  Of course most festivals are similar in some ones, food stalls, live entertainment, usually musical in nature and a reason for being (be it culture, music, ethnicity, country, etc).

What sets the Malmsbury Village Fayre apart is the community spirit.  It really was such  a nice visit coming to this festival.  I will be coming back again.

Getting there

Check out something new in the Western Suburbs or just looking for something to do.

Harpley Market

Hopefully you find something to do other than the mad Christmas shopping rush.
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If you are looking to get out and about and maybe do something different for you or your family you should consider going walking in the Werribee Gorge State Park.

Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk
It's surprisingly close to those who live people in the outer western suburbs.

For those looking for an easy walk think about walking the Falcon's Lookout/Ingliston Granites walk or the Short Circuit walk.

View from Falcon's Lookout
For something more challenging others should think about the Centenary Track or the Werribee Gorge Circuit walk.

Most Scenic Walk
And if you are looking for the most scenic walk then do the Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk (10km).  Definitely the most scenic of the walks in Werribee Gorge State Park and the one I highly recommend.  

Keep in mind there is a cable robe you must use to go around one section of the walk so this might be challenging for some.
Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk
Anyway, I hope some people who haven't been hiking for a long time get inspired.

More Information
Check out the section on hiking at Werribee Gorge State Park on this website here.